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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 23, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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temperatures for this afternoon and when to expect the rain coming up in a few minutes. right now, we'll go to traffic and jessica boyington. thanks. starting this morning out on the vine street expressway. here we are vine around 24th street. so far, so good here, as well. we're open, too. not dealing with any construction problems here. westbound toward the schuylkill, eastbound toward 95. you'll get there fine. moving into center city on the schuylkill expressway from the blue route to the vine, a 12-minute trip. speeds into the 60s. same for 95. the blue route southbound from the schuylkill from 95, 15 minutes for the total drive time. everything looks pretty much normal. we end with mass transit on or close to schedule for amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. >> thanks. 4:00 a.m. later today, ivanka trump will be in bucks county to promote her father's tax reform plan. while she's pushing for changes to the tax code to help work force -- help working families, her father is warning members of congress to prepare to get it
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done or lose in the next election. we have more on a town hall that will happen later this afternoon. what can we expect to hear from the president's daughter and adviser? >> reporter: chances are her tone will not be as strong as her dad's. on the campaign trail she was talking about how important it is to have tax credits for work force. that's what she's going to be pushing in bucks county, saying she's pushing for a tax credit for families with children who have to rely on childcare so they can make decisions that impact their families. when it comes to weekend talk, the president had a conference call on sunday. some familiar with the call say that the tone was strong, that president trump warned house republicans that 2018 would be a political failure for the gop and a disappointment for the nation. if they fail to overhaul taxes. he held the conference call according to sources, and an aide told trump lawmakers the
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party would have a steep price to pay in next year's midterm election if they failed to pass his plan. the trump plan slashes the corporate tax rate for 20%, and it's said to double the standard deductions used by most average americans. the president also said that beyond the looming elections, his plan was the right thing to do for the country. in the conference call, trump urged members to adopt the budget passed by the senate and move on to tax reform. ivanka trump held a series of town hall-type meetings during her father's campaign. she was whisked in through side doors and would leave quickly after taking a few questions from people in the audience. these were controlled events, moderated by trump advisers. today's event will also be moderated by a former new york congresswoman. again, the first daughter expected to talk taxes, but specifically a childcare tax credit. reporting live in richboro, bucks county, nbc10 news.
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>> thanks. new, fire damages a food plant in bern township berks county. this is video at evans food distributors last night. you see thick smoke rising from the building that was on fire. this morning, we're working to find out if anyone was hurt. to philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood. firefighters had an all-hands-on-deck fire overnight. it happened near cambria and reece streets around 2:00 this morning. firefighters were able to get it under control in 30 minutes. no word on what caused the fire. 4:03. 61 degrees. bumped and bruised but okay. three philadelphia highway patrol officers are out of the hospital this morning after getting hurt during a motorcycle stunt show. you see one of the officers coming out of the emergency room in a sling. the international association of chiefs of police convention hosted the precision riding show in center city last night. septa's police chief took a photo of paramedics treating one of the officers who ended up on the ground.
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commissioner richard ross was also in the crowd. >> had the crowd out there pumping them up, making sure they know we're proud of them. they put this behind them. >> the motorcycle mishap capped a busy weekend. the convention is drivewaying a -- drawing a large number of anti-police protesters. who officers involved in a crash -- two officers involved in a crash saturday will be okay. and sessiojeff sessions will reo talk about how police officers are forging new relationships two reduce crime across the country. a mother and her teenage daughter were hit by a truck in chester springs. west pikeland police say the 16-year-old girl is listed in serious condition this morning. they are searching for the driver who did not stop after the crash. it happened on artschool road. this blurry picture is the only visual police have to go on. not a lot of detail in that. investigators say the truck is a contractor-type pickup with a ladder rack on the back. police say the truck has red
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lettering on the driver's side door. new this morning, a man shot in the leg in philadelphia climbed into a car and drove to a lock around the -- a block around the scene. he was found in the car, and police took him to the hospital. he's in stable condition. officers have not made any arrests. a 3-year-old boy is fighting for his life after his older brother shot him over the weekend. the boy's father, sir haven williams, was not home when the 6-year-old got his hands on the gun saturday and pulled the trigger. investigators say the boys were home alone with their 12 year old brother. williams is facing child endangerment charges. now the 3-year-old boy is in critical condition at temple hospital. five shootings and eight victims. the grim tally from gun violence over the weekend. someone opened fire on a basketball court in the bennett homes development.
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four people suffered wounds. police say the shooter was perched above the crowd on concord avenue. they say the gunman used a rifle, a pistol, and a weapon they have yet to identify. a neighbor told us it sounded like a machine gun. >> i didn't know to run or what. my grand good dsgrandson was pl. >> it's been out of hand. >> the shooting victim from the basketball court -- the victims are between 18 and 24 years old. their injuries are not life-threatening. an attorney general from pennsylvania, delaware, and 15 states are calling on congress to kill a pro-gun bill backed by the nra. it would allow concealed carry gun permits in one state to be valid in all states. some say it would lead to death of civilians and police officers. supporters argue it would protect truck drivers and women traveling across state lines alone. the pennsylvania woman who
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was held hostage with her family in afghanistan for five years is sharing her ordeal for the first time. caitlan coleman e-mailed a local newspaper saying that childhood memories of her local hometown helped her survive activity. the taliban abducted coleman and her husband in afghanistan. pakistani forces rescued the family this month. coleman remains in a canadian hospital for an undisclosed reason. she said she would not rule out a return to pennsylvania. the soldier who deserted her post in afghanistan and spent years in captivity is facing life in prison at a sentencing hearing today. sergeant bowe bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion last week. the taliban captured sergeant bergdahl shortly after he took off in 2009. in 2014, the obama administration engineered a prisoner swap with the taliban for his freedom. 4:07. the east coast is one step closer to a possible transportation revolution. tesla founder elon musk has
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permission to dig a tunnel for his high-speed hyperloop transit system in maryland. his permit is for a ten-mile stretch under interstate 295. he ultimately wants the system to run between washington and new york. he says the travel time could be under 30 minutes. and a traffic alert for drivers who use route 422 in montgomery county today. construction crews will shut down a lane between the sanatoga and route 724 exits at 7:00. same closures will reopen tomorrow. they are working on a bridge. the wait is almost over. after a ten-day break, the league-leading eagles will take home field against division rival washington. here's a look at birds' quarterback carson wentz at practice yesterday. tonight he'll try to lead the eagles to their third division win of the season. they only had two of them all of last year. the offense is looking comfortable this season. head coach doug peterson credits
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his weekly sitdowns with wentz. >> it's just that time where he and i can sort of take a deep breath, exhale, and he and i get on the same page going into the game basically. i think it's important that we continue to do it. >> the birds and consistency kick off monday night football tonight at 8:30. we'll have live coverage from the linc here on nbc10. the official station of the philadelphia eagles. today is going to be a change in the air. by tomorrow, we'll really feel it. this is what we're currently dealing with. warm air still stuck over us. that's why we're at 61 to start our morning in philadelphia. very mild for the end of october. but we've got this cold front sitting to the west. bringing rain to the area. and much cooler air behind the front. temperatures like 43 in kansas
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city. 44 in sioux city. those numbers will head our direction by wednesday. it's going to take a while for the cool air to settle in. a three-day period of change. the next three days will not be similar to each other at all. today, radar and satellite, all about the clouds that are surging in ahead of that front. there's the rain i was talking about, though. that will move in by tomorrow. cloudy today, rain tomorrow, and then much cooler by the time we get to our wednesday. let's talk about today's temperatures. since we're starting so mild, we'll be fairly warm for this time of year in the afternoon. even though's not going -- though it's not going to be that big of a temperature warmup. 72 at 2:00 in the afternoon. cloudy to mostly cloudy throughout the day. not going to rule out a spot sprinkle falling either, especially north and west like the suburbs. 60 at 6:00 a.m. 70 at 2:00. that's about the same in the lehigh valley, berks county, too, near the low 70s to near the mid 70s, the best we will see for high temperatures.
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in delaware today, 62 to start. 72 in the afternoon. that's the same in new jersey. around 10:00 a.m., 67 in new jersey. at the shore, low 70s at best for highs. plenty of clouds, and on top of the cloudiness, windy conditions picking up by this afternoon and especially into tonight. winds about 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusts, 25 to 35 miles per hour are possible. this is because we will be right ahead of the cold front. as is typical, the winds strengthen, and they continue strong until the passage of the front. as for temperatures, we were in the mid to upper 70s over the weekend. we're starting to cool through tuesday. there's the big drop on wednesday. we'll talk more about that with your ten day on ten in a bit. >> thank you very much for that. about ten minutes after 4:00. mild start to the morning. hopefully pretty mild on the roads right now. >> we'll find out. jessica boyington has the first alert traffic this morning. >> it usually is this early on a monday, guys. we're not even watching a lot of
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construction projects either. here's 95. cameras at girard. southbound, no problems from woodhaven to the vine. 12 to 13-minute trip. we're moving on school. the v.a. turnpike looks good, too. look, all green. 23 minutes on the secowestbound side. speeds into the mid 60s, as well. i'll end with new jersey roads. so far, so good here, too. 295 in here, right on route 30, the white horse pike. so far, we're not seeing any problems moving through haddon heights, the northbound and southbound sides of 295 clear. >> all right. firefighters under attack. a truck driver first crashes into a bunch of cars in new york city. then goes after a firefighter. what police think the suspect was trying to do. and stopping the christmas creep. target says it's listening to customers fed up over the early holiday push. what it will do differently this year in response. at 4:12, paying less for your holiday travel. what you should be doing now in
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order to save money on flights for christmas.
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new york police arrested a man who crashed his box truck into several cars and then assaulted a firefighter. nine people were hurt in the crash yesterday. the driver got out of the truck, jumped into the cab of the fire truck, and started attacking the firefighter. witnesses believe the driver was driving to steal the fire truck. the crash victims and firefighter are expected to be okay. more police departments are using body cameras after a string of high-profile police shootings of unarmed civilian. a new study shows the devices might. be that effective. the study done by washington, d.c., police and scientists tracked hundreds of district
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officers for more than a year. half the officers wore body cameras, half did not. the research found those with body cameras used force at about the same rate as those without the cameras. also, the number of complaints from citizens against the officers did not change the findings are in sharp contrast to a study that found body cameras did change police behavior. >> people, they really want to know that your police department is being transparent. it's nice to have interaction with the community. >> $40 million has been spend to equip officers with body cameras. a new report shows the americans who are weakest financially pay the most when it comes to penalties and fees. nbc's chris clackum explains how that works. >> reporter: federal studies continue to show america's poorest people are paying the most in bank and/or credit union fees. the consumer financial
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protection bureau says, for example, just 9% of all account holders are responsible for nearly 80% of overdraft fees. >> very difficult especially for low-income individuals to maintain bank accounts, especially if those accounts are charging them fees. >> reporter: amanda dixon's with, who's just released -- whose just-released survey with, found those making under $30,000 don't even have a checking account. when they do, they pay extra. >> lower income individuals, they're paying more than three times as much as others in other income groups. >> reporter: on average, about $22 extra a month because of atm and overdraft fees. she says that's why bankrate and money set out to identify banks and credit unions that may be more footaffordable for low-inc
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americans. >> 38% of banks have free checking accounts. one of those accounts will certainly be a better fit for you than what you're christianitily working -- currently working with. >> reporter: even people who don't struggle with bank fees are staying with the same bank on average 16 years. she says possibly missing out on better bargains. aaa reporting gas prices down a nickel a gallon over the last two weeks. in the philly five-county area, $2.61. in delaware the average at $2.28. target says it wants -- its customers, rather, want to put a pause on the christmas creep. that's what it will do this year. the retailer says instead of jumping right into christmas promotions after halloween, it will fwoocus on thanksgiving fit
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and then ease into holiday displays. target will focus on kiosks on impulse practice under $15. and google is launching its "pay with google" feature to help make the purchasing process quicker with android devices. choose the credit or debit card you previously used. you won't have to enter all your card information on website or app checkout forms. it's not even yet, but experts say this is the week to buy flights for the christmas holiday if you want the best prices. right now, air fare for thanksgiving is about $42195 on average. it will cost you $404 to fly for thanksgiving and christmas. starting now, prices will only go up. the air fare prediction app hopper says after halloween it will cost you about $1 more every day you wait. coming up in our 5:00 hour, how you can save money when you book
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your flights. about 4:20 on your monday. mild out there. not bad. >> yeah. very mild. let's find out what's to come with krystal klei the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> yeah, mild start, but that's because change is coming. we are looking at a big difference today compared to yesterday. a bigger difference tomorrow because we are tracking rain moving into the region. what we're looking at now radar on satellite is cloud coverage building in on top of the fact that we have fog thickening this morning. that will peak near sunrise. it should thin into the later morning thundershowers. we have fog across the area, even over philadelphia this morning. a heads up you may want to leave a few minutes earlier. here's radar and satellite. the next big weathermaker, the cold front that will move our direction. you can see a little bit of the rotation in the storm's center here as this drives this direction. it will keep us warm, humid, and cloudy today. then tomorrow, the rain will actually pass through.
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change ahead is really the focus of our forecast. we've been watching this cool air digging over the u.s. for last several days. now it's taking up a big portion of the u.s. we're still under the red/orange territory. high pressure has built off overseas. warm air is lingering. soon enough the cool air will overtake us, and temperatures will fall to more seasonal averages. today, not happening yet. 74 in philadelphia. that will be the best we can do. some spots may be cooler. cloudy conditions we're starting with and will continue to have. low 70s for many spots is what we're expecting throughout this afternoon. not a big warmup from the 60s. a few sprinkles starting late this morning are possible north and west, isolated, light sprinkles. that chance continues mostly north and west on through 6:00 p.m. we stay cloudy through the night. this is at 10:00.
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scattered showers are possible, creeping in from the west. we start to get more steady pockets of rain, 3:00 a.m. tuesday. the front will pass through and linger all day long. at 7:30 in the morning, possibly heavy rain. there's going to be periods of heavy rain, periods of thunderstorms that roll through at lunchtime. nice still scattered in coverage but continuing to pass the area. by late day tuesday into the evening, the steady rain should move out. it will linger along the jersey shore even into wednesday morning. once things thin out, the cooler air will start to move in. and let's quickly look at that eagles' forecast. temperatures going to drop tonight into the upper 60s. the spot shower is possible, and it will be windy for the game tonight. >> thanks for the weather update there. let's take a look at the area around the mid county toll plaza. >> jessica boyington is watching that. >> on the germantown pike, yeah, closed at the mid county tolls
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area. here, northbound, is what would be headed toward the tolls there. it looks foggy in spots here, too. maybe visibility's down in some areas. you can see the roads are really unaffected for the most part. traffic still moving through the area. the schuylkill expressway, too, not worried about any big construction projects at least today. 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine. speeds into the 60s, as well. we'll end here at the bridges. clear on the burlington bristol bridge, tacony palmyra, and the betsy ross. i'll keep checking for openings, but not yet. more in ten. >> see you then. classic cars and shiny jewels sound good. a combination aimed at saving history. how college students fought the plan to tear down jeweler's row. when is an old letter worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? when it comes from the "titanic." the final price tag for a piece of history from the bottom. ocean.
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two philadelphia college students with a passion for classic cars and history joined forces to try to save jewelers row. the drexel and temple students handpicked 25 classic and modern sports cars to display along the street. they used the car show to draw attention to the fight to keep a construction company against demolishing five buildings on phantom street to build condos. >> looking around, looking at the fascia of the buildings, the antiquity and architecture, it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't here. >> the students plan to donate part of their proceeds to the cause. an unsent letter written on the "titanic" is a record setter at auction. in the days after the disaster,
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rescuers found the letter on the body of first-class passenger alexander holverson addressed to his mother. the correspondence sold for roughly $166,000 at a british auction house. the man's wife was on the ship and survived. the auction house did not disclose who bought the letter. 4:27. nbc10 heads back on the road this week. the morning team visits the wawa in upper darby on westchester pike on wednesday. it's wednesday morning, mark it on your calendar. stop by and say hello. we'll also be shine a light on what -- shining a light on what makes the community so great. >> the community loves it. you guys love it. >> so fun. i can't wait to start eating my meatball subs. >> we focus on your community, but jessica focuses eating. myself and vai get -- >> we get a big suba and split it. >> those of you in the studio are jealous of the snacks you have.
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>> i'll bring you some. >> we look forward to seeing you on wednesday. >> i got you. coming up, fog in foxboro. the ref should have called interference on the weather after this spooky game.
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touting tax reform. the president's daughter comes to bucks county to out to her father's plan. how it could impact your bottom line. separate but equal. twins who were conjoined at the head are making progress by leaps and bounds after surgery at the children's hospital of philadelphia. taking to twitter. justin timberlake announces he's heading back to the super bowl stage. see how fans can follow his adventure before the big game.


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